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I Bought a New Phone, Where Did My Data Go?


I got a new device. How do I transfer my old data to the new device?

First off, congrats on the new device! Don’t worry about when you open up iScore and see a blank screen –we can help! As long as you’ve backed up (exported) your data, you should be ready to roll. See Step 3 from THIS POST if you’re unsure how to export.  If you haven’t exported, we don’t have as good of news for you!  Our advice there is to go and get it back, or have the new owner of it do an EXPORT!

IMPORTANT Using the following steps will overwrite all iScore data on the device you are copying to. If you are looking to “merge” data, then click the following link for more information on Data Sharing.

Data can be transferred from one device to another using the following steps:

  1. Do an Options -> Export in iScore from BOTH the device you are copying from and the device you are copying to
  2. Make sure you have registered BOTH devices to the same email address (How do I register?) –Note: you don’t need to have the password from your old device, after you associate the email address with both devices, you’ll magically see both registered devices.
  3. Log in to the Admin Website (
  4. Click the Accounts tab, then the Manage Data button
  5. Select “Copy” next to the account you want to copy data from, then select “To Here” for the account you want to copy the data to
  6. A few confirmation boxes will appear to be sure you really want to transfer the data
  7. After the data has been transferred, you will do an Options -> Import in iScore on the device for the account you copied data to to retrieve the data to your device


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Are Your Stats Off? Clear and Re-import Your Data!


From time to time, we miss-score a play or more. It throws off the whole serialization of the game. Things need to happen in order, or a scorecard, as you know can get WAY out of whack. For that we created the “Clear and Re-Import” link from the YOUR ACCOUNT page or via logging in, clicking the “Import Data” tab, and clicking on “Clear and re-import your iScore stats” link.clear

It’ll take up to 1 hour to re-import your data. If you have done this and STILL see the same results, give us a holler!

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StatFame Integrates With LeagueLineup!


Great news folks – we’ve synced up with the team over at to bring you the ease of their data entry platform with the data analysis of StatFame! To get the ball rolling, follow these simple steps –or click the video below to watch a walkthrough!

Step 1: Login to you StatFame account.
Step 2: Click the “Import Data” tab from your homescreen.import_data
Step 3: Scroll down to the “Provide a box score URL” section.leaguelineuppull
Step 4: Get your LeagueLineup homepage (example is provided on the page) -but you’d be better off importing your own data we bet!
Watch the step-by-step video!
Step 5: Copy that URL from LeagueLineup and paste it in the URL box in Step #3!
Step 6: Make sure you check whether it is a baseball or softball game as this determines where you stand on the League Leaders page and granting you your badges and eXperience Points!
Step 7: Wait about 3 seconds and it will appear to you game log on the right of your homescreen!voila
Step 8: Click that link you created to verify the data, and you’re in the system!
Step 9: Repeat as desired!

Watch this step-by-step video to see it in action!


What Does StatFame Offer That iScore Doesn’t?


We get this a lot, especially since we started charging for the PRO service.  The point being here that we absolutely use and love iScore’s mobile app (ANDROID/iPHONE) –it’s a great pair with our product and 80% of our users use it to get their stats to us, so go buy it today!

One of the reasons we started StatFame was that there wasn’t a good frontend to showcase a players talent once the stats were kept.  We started StatFame to provide just that –a place to showcase a players talents to help them get to that next level.  We wanted to make it easy for the player, and create as many ways as possible to get us your stats.  iScore is one of those great ways.

The kicker is that iScore also offers a website hosting service for those stats, and people ask us why they should use ours instead of the similarly priced iScore version.  Well, there are a few things we have that they don’t:

  1. PERSONALIZED PLAYER PAGES – A player needs their own space to show their stuff!  Sure, it’s a team game, but having that one page to show off your stats to friends, family, recruiters and scouts can be big boost!
  2. YEAR OVER YEAR STATS – Think of us as an online baseball card.  iScore shows your team with the current year.  We’ll keep your stats for as many years as you want to give us and show them to the world on your player page!
  3. CUSTOMIZED URLS -Nobody wants to share a page that’s got 100 characters in it.  We’ll give you a brand spanking new one that doesn’t take a computer to remember
  4. BADGES – Who doesn’t like receiving badges when getting to that next level of your game.  We incentivize you to play well in real life to catch they eyes of the right folks online!
  5. EXPERIENCE POINTS – The badges are fairly easy to grab, but this data point encourages just participation.  Your experience points go up with each game you and increase by various levels along the way.
  6. EMAIL/FAX US YOUR SCORECARD – We’ll do all the hard work inputting the data.  You just keep score the way you always have kept score, no matter to us.
  7. TEAM LEADERS – Just like they do on ESPN, we show how you’re stacking against your own team with a sortable and detailed list of stats!
  8. LEAGUE LEADERS – Everyone wants to see how they rank against the competition!  We have a comprehensive list of people in your age group and location that you can see how your season is going vs. theirs!
  9. SABERMETRICS – We have a page of profile stats dedicated to the intense dissection of non-standard (but still relevant) stats pertaining to your game!
  10. CLAIM YOUR PROFILE – Want to spice up your page?  Upload videos/photos?  Claim your profile and get noticed by the people that matter in your sports career!  We’ll help!

How To Get a Customized StatFame URL!


So you’re thinking it is time to get rid of that boring old longURL you’ve got for your player profile, so it’ll be easier to send to your friends and family, eh? We hear you, it’s magical coding jibberish to most of us – no problem, we’ve got you covered!
First, log into your account, and the first page you’ll be presented with will have an option to the right that looks a little something like this now:profile page If you’ve got more than one profile claimed, you can change it per profile, in this case, I have 2 claimed. So I have 2 different URLs I can use for each profile.


Click the “edit” button and the window will expand and give you the ability to choose your own shortURL – in this case, I chose “andy”.claim2 Click the “update” button after typing in your preferred shortURL and you’re good to go! As long as nobody else has that short URL, it’s all yours, but be quick as they’re first come first serve!

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How It Works


So you’re curious as to what we’re cooking over here, eh? We’re happy to tell you how it all gets baked in, and why we’re unique from the competition.

First off, our main focus is the player.  There are many sites out there that focus on the team, and team statistics (we do that too, by the way), but nobody focuses on driving the player themselves as the centerpiece, and integrating all the ways you USED to keep your stats online in one place, until now.

We have several methods for getting your stats to us, you choose how you want to get them to us.  From there, magical robot work tirelessly on the back-end to create a seamless front-end for you and your team to see your stats.

We employ a handful of different methods for the “HOW” of it all – between XML, CSV, and CuRL scripts we grab and gather all your past sports into one easy to consume profile page.

We  saw a gap in the market today where we could drive some change for the good, so we put some time, money, and effort forth to see if we could make something valuable –and we’re making some decent waves thus far.  Our vision is to help YOU get the exposure you need to get to the next level of your game!

So that’s the “how” of the operation, but the long “how-to” story short:

  1. Play your game
  2. Get us your data
  3. Share that data with potential scouts, recruiters, and colleges to get noticed with the focus on YOU!

Where To Begin!


First off, we’ve got 2 separate tracks based on how you plan on using the site. If you’re a manager, and have a bunch of players, you’ll want to MANAGE YOUR TEAM.  You’ll want to register and navigate to the “Import Data” tab after you’ve signed up to choose your method of getting stats to us.  If you’re just a player wanting to claim your already paid for/imported stats, head HERE to see how to claim your profile and start making it your own!

enable this You’ll notice that the boxes are greyed out, that’s because we don’t know who you are yet!

You’ll need to click the “enable this” link to get you started. It’ll take you over to the “Subscription Plan” tab.

If you’re just wanting to upload your games to us via a basic CSV file (example), you’re golden and can use the FREE version to your heart’s content, just head back to the “Import Data” tab and click “Add”:test_example_CSV

However, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit, and harness the true power of the StatFame platform, choose the Pro or AllStar Subscriptions (details on both HERE)! When enabled, that’ll unlock different pieces of the platform, namely the iScore and FixedIT imports.

If you choose one of these models, first off, thanks! Secondly you’ll need to get us the funds. Hop on over to the “Billing” tab (it will prompt you) and there you’ll create your Paypal subscription. From there, you’re on your way and you’ll start seeing your stats usually within an hour. If it’s longer, give us a holler and we’ll take a look!

From there you can take a few different paths depending on what you’re looking for! Here are a few choice paths people have ventured on after setting it up:

How Do We Validate The Data Being Entered?


We’ve gotten this question a LOT so far, and it’s 100% valid.  How do we authoritatively validate all the games and info that’s being entered?  What stops a person from just entering they hit 400 homers in baseball, swam a 3 minute mile, and scored 239 soccer goals last week?  Well the short answer is: We can’t.  BUT, we CAN mark and validate who is ENTERING the data.

The most authoritative source to validate the info is going to be cross-team checking.  What’s that mean?  That means that if 2 people on opposite teams are scoring a game, and ultimately come up with the same statistics at the end, you can likely bet your bottom dollar that the stats are true.  Not 100% of the time, but MOST of the time – as sometimes it may be best buddies playing each other and want to pump up their stats.  We’re watching that too, which weighs in to our factoring of the validity of the stats.

In the absense of both teams having authentic scoring mechanisms, we’re weighting the enterer of the statistic.  So likely, the most authoritative person entering is going to be the league president/admin, then maybe the team manager, then maybe a bystander (parent) the probably the player themselves.  We are currently marking who entered each of the stats with varying degrees of trust.  We then take that trust level and will eventually rank the stats based on that level of detail.  ValidStats is our vision there (in ALPHA testing) where we’d just add another filter to the ALL PLAYERS sorting table to show a valid stat.

Isn’t that shorting the player though?  I can vouch for him!  Well, sure, you can vouch for the player, and you may NOT be able to be the league administrator or the coach, so how can you prove your worth?  We’ll bump up your percentage of awesomeness and truthfulness if you show us over “x” amount of games that you’re not fudging the scoring of the game.

So what apps are you deeming “valid” to enter stats?  That’s the $1,000,000 question right now, right? We don’t want to be in the “app” business, we just want to be the backend validation of the stats.  There are dozens (if not hundreds) of desktop apps our there right now that each team manager likes to use.  We don’t want to stop that – we just think it better to partner with that desktop app builder and get them to pipe the data to our XML API.  You don’t change anything on your end, we just work with that vendor and do all the magic from the backend.  If their app is a ValidStat app, we’ll note that and their scoring system validity will go up!

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League Leaders!


One of the things we’ve been wanting to do since we started was compare players the same way that ESPN does.  We’ve got iteration 1.0 up to check out.  We’ll be adding in more sorting capabilities in the future!  Let us know ‘sortables’ that you’d like to see the data cut up in!

To see the league leaders, you can get to it from any page via the “League Leaders” section.  Click on the COMPLETE LEADERS button to get to it.

Here’s what you’ll be seeing:

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We’ve fixed the bug with counting runs scored!


So we had a few folks pinging us saying that their iScore runs on the device weren’t synching up with their StatFame runs scored.  We did some digging, and sure enough there were some inconsistencies.  We must say though, there are some peculiar ways that people score a game that we need to get used to!

The top few (in no particular order) as they were scored in the book:

  • The player stole home.  Unique, certainly.  3 times in a game though?  Wow, nice work!
  • On the device, it was scored as a SacFly from 1st.  That’s quite a hit, but we aren’t one to decide!  We just run the numbers!
  • Batter walks, then scores in the same sequence.  We could only deduce that the batter walked.  The pitcher got back on the mound for the next batter, and the runner just kept moving around the basely very stealthily!

Anyway, just thought we’d share those and let you know they’re looking good now!  Let us know if you have any other unique scoring situations and we’ll take a look!

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